El Camino


Finding your own path through life

About El Camino This method is for anyone interested in regulating their life more effectively and enhancing one's ability to make choices. It teaches you how your thoughts create your feelings, your feelings drive your actions and your actions create your results in reaching your goals and dreams. It is based on an illustrated individual plan. Working with the method is easy with a self-directed step by step workbook. With counseling it is possible to advance decision making, integration of self and life management even further. It aims to create a clear connection between decision making and reaching one's goals and dreams. Helps to increase ability to make right choices and understand effects they have. Helps toward oriented thinking through positive experiences. Enhances self-integration through finding one's own stregths with a counselor. A path to goal oriented life management, self regulation and empowerment. Solution focused and resource oriented method Choice theory Narratives and storytelling Positive psychology Dialogical approach Switching perspectives Social pedagogical thinking Customized training programmes available


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